Run 2597 – Neon goes to Uni

Run 2597- Neon @ Harold Rossiter Park in Bentley or Kensington

“The run with onions as desert and a ‘lost’ car key at the end”

Arriving at around 17:40 hr I expected an enormous turn-out as parking space was limited and almost full. However a closer look at it showed that unfortunately most of the parking was taken up by dog walkers (or dogs walking their bosses) and limited slots were available for the hashers.   

I estimate that a good 40 hashers turned up for a run advertised by Neon as “a guaranteed Run of the Year”. Whilst setting the run he must have realised that this was likely a bridge-too-far and he corrected the statement at the start to “THE Run of the WEEK”. This was certainly the case.

The pack set off just after 18:00 hrs for a run covering some parts of the Harold Rossiter Park and Kensington Bushland. The majority of the time spent was exploring the terrain and paths  of the Technology Park(s) and their occupants. 

Plenty of false trails and checks that kept the pack together and on several occasions crossing the path of the walkers. In one instance it was rumoured that the fast running bastards lost trail and made use of the walkers to get back on track. 

All in all a good run which scored a 7.5, although one point should be deducted for having onions as desert. More on this later.

Run length ~ 7.7 km according to Q, run time 54 min.  On return there was cheese (thanks Neon). There was a frantic call for chippies but to no avail. Had the RA forgotten, was it done purpose, or was it to “saving money” [I thought other nationalities were deemed to be stingy].

The circle

Main points recorded during the circle:

  • No visitors; Birthday kid: Moses – not present; Anniversaries – Haggis member for 38 years and Horse for 43 years.
  • Elvis returning to Brasil next week (one more run). He seems to be serious with a Japanese girl which may be a lost effort and he has to start anew when back home.
  • Birdman was calling for voters in support of his drive to become OnSec in next year’s committee.
  • Winners & losers: Jaapie as winner (Springboks won Rugby Worldcup); losers: none of the Pommies dared to show up
  • Polecat for new shoes
  • Perth Hash members that had climbed Ayers Rock were called forward. Only 5 have apparently made it: Triple J, FT, Xmas, Birdman, Another Prick in the Wall. Xmas told his experiences and story: back in 1976 it took him 27 min to get to the top but 4 ½ hours to get down. Xmas explained what he experienced going down: trees, water and probably also hallucinations(?). It took him almost half the time used for coming down to explain this to the audience, but can’t imagine anybody listened to the end. At least I got lost and my drink got warm.
  • Jerrycan tries to get rid of 50 cases (6 bottles each) of Chardonnay wine. Price: $30 of which 50% will go to the Hash and 50% to his brother. Sales counter and tasting open during Food.
  • Barcode and Boner forming a team with some others took part in the very last Augusta Adventure Fest. A team being as strong as it weakest link. This happened to be Barcode (kayak swamped) and as a result the team got a DNF against their name.

The Food

The food served by Neon, Mastitis and ably supported by Chunder consisted of burger, bread, cheese, egg, chips (not to be confused with the lack of chippies mentioned   before) and some special sauce. There was plenty of it and following round one it became obvious that something was forgotten: the onions were kept for the second round, i.e. the desert. These were hidden under the egg tray and only surfaced when the tray was removed. 

The Aftermath

When most of the pack had disappeared there was panic under the very few remaining drinkers with a running problem. Scumbag reported his car keys lost and despite a desperate search by all involved, the keys could not be located near his car, the circle area and the area were the food had been served and consumed. The keys were “definitely” not in the usual left upper pocket of Scumbag’s coverall. It was not until Rimmer noticed that Scumbag was growing something like a fake tit on his right upper chest that the keys were located to be in the right upper pocket of his coverall. Better to stitch this pocket closed to prevent it from happening again.

On On

Another Prick in the Wall (APITW)