Run 2595 – Awesum Forsum Run

A 6:15 start from Penistone Park, Warwick with hares Nanny – Perth Hash, Basil Brush – West Coast and Halfway – Hamersley. The Bullsbrook co-hare missing in action. Although I do note that Action was not missing and even came close to winning the event.

My estimate was 40 runners and 50 walkers following marks from three different hashes so what could go wrong, The walkers were designated to follow H4 signs but instead followed H4 personnel resulting in a somewhat abbreviated walk that wouldn’t have happened under Phantom’s watch. Unfortunately said walk master was instead masterminding a geriatric trek down Pemberton way.

Measured at approximately 7.4 kilometres and 54 minutes, a good length and incorporating a drink stop manned by Nanny who later was awarded a down down for instigating a drink stop song. Q reported they were served port and lemonade although the wobbly finish was evidence he could have been drinking anything and too much.

The circle commenced with a minutes silence for South Perth’s Denis the Menace who sadly recently passed to the great Hash in the sky after succumbing to a short illness.

But after that it was a fun combined circle with various charges being reported by the four awesome reps. Nanny copped two being a hare and drink stop choir master. Elvis happily took his punishment for seriously annoying other runners by constantly ringing our bell. Four awesome Hash songs followed by each group diving into their own food. I did note that the Bully boys ate pre-circle but then they also usually drink pre-run.

Our pizza repast was organised by Nanny, confirmed by Barcode and collected by Dick Tracy and Elbows. Too many cooks etc as no one had arranged to pay for them. Our two Uber eats personnel did not have a credit card between them and after pleading, threatening and displaying an unseemly level of grovelling, Mario the pizza chef finally let them go on the grounds he knew Triple J. (All the more reason to call the police if you ask me). Nanny rushed off to square the books completing what for him was a slightly busy day.

But exceptional pizzas and all up a really good joint run so well done to all concerned and a special thanks to our own Nanny.

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