Run 2594 – Rimmer in Warwick

Hawker Park, Warwick

It must be getting towards the end of the holiday season in  Europe as more and more hashmen return from the Northern Hemisphere with happy wives. Despite that, we seemed light on for numbers as we enjoyed the vista out from the parking lot at Hawker Park. Plenty of dogs and too few attractive women. Lost a mark already. The run started with the obligatory semi loop, which was enough to fool most of the runners. Relatively sedate run up the hill to Warwick Rd, then into the back blocks of Greenwood till we eventually crossed over the Mitchell Carpark and wended our way back to the bucket. Once we approached the bridge over the freeway the pack seemed to fracture and the back half of the pack drifted away to have to find their own way back. Coming in a good five to seven minutes behind the FRB’s. More lost marks according to the back runners. “It’s not fair that they have to do their own false trails. Another lost point.

The circle took its usual circuitous route to a conclusion after dubious awardings of down downs. I was not impressed with the continual harassment of Committee members for their lack of providing a run right up for the Bonk Run. When I get into power, there will be retribution. Welcome back to our travelling members and hello to potential new members over, we headed for the delights of food. Not too disappointing either.. Scotch Broth. Which kept in the mood for the night. Scottish named streets that we ran through, Scottish joke from the On Sec to name a few Scottish “things”. So he definitely gets a point or two back for the “themed evening”.

Well done Rimmer, good food (and plenty of it), good company and a nice evening.

Wouldn’t be dead for quids!

On On