Run 2591 – Ramrods Bonk Run

Another perfect evening for hashing. Fine weather, even if it was a bit crisp, almost plenty of parking for the visitors if they were early. I was late and was relegated to the street verge along with quite a few others (the dog was far from impressed, seeing the park and not being allowed to run immediately to it because of potential traffic). It was great to see that members had made a big effort to bring along a friend, even more impressive was that a good number of them were runners, let hope they convert to members as time goes by.

Another quality run from an experienced hare and co-hare, managing to keep the pack together quite despite long stretches were the guys in front took off only to be pulled back with clever false trails and checks. The drink stop was well co-ordinated with both the runners and dead men walking arriving about the same time. The run in from the drink stop was a bit lame, but generally a great run (without be a run of the year).

The circle ran its normal course, as the entre to the food. Almost as soon as the food was announced Tripple j was eating. How does he get to the front of the queue soooo quickly and regularly. I’m almost always battling Dick Tracy and Elbows at the back of the line. Hopefully the curried sausages didn’t put the newcomers off. If it did, then the whisky chasers in the bucket may have helped.

Another great evening, brought to an early close by the reality of drink driving laws.

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