Run 2590 – Jaapie in Cockburn

Run 2590 Monday 16 September 2019

Hare: Jaapie

Co-hare: Grizzly

Venue:          Davilak reserve, Hamilton Hill – home of Cockburn Cricket Club and Cockburn Cobras Football Club.
Bit of a hike down the freeway however apart from the Narrows traffic moved fairly freely.  When we arrived training was in full swing and parking was at a bit of a premium however we all managed to squeeze in – all 45 of us.

Runners:  The run commenced with the usual loop around the sportsground then off into the urban streets before coming across greener pastures of Manning Park with a good trail along the lake and then up the hill to the parkland bush being lead by Goliath, FT, Q and Elvis. There was a good sunset for those who reach the top and then we ran along the gravel paths adjacent to the power pylons. 

Haggis was interrupted by an automated computerised phone call from a marketing company which he quickly dispensed with (how do they obtain personal mobile numbers?). It was then all downhill and return to the urban area towards the bucket and catching up with the walking stragglers.

A good run with a fair amount of bush trails that kept the pack intact. Well done Jaapie.

Walkers:  Setting off in the oposite direction to the runners  we shortcut through a couple of streets then west up a limestone track under powerlines. Over a hill then a good view of the old power station and Robb’s Jetty.  Along more tracks on limestone bedrock (good ankle twisting terrain). Halfway along we encountered Stumbles and Mumbles , lost? Or doing the trail in the oposite direction as they claimed.  Further on we came across a false trail and had to direct the runners back as they were puzzled by an X and half an arrow back. Leaving the reserve on Quarry road, when it became Lucius Road Phantom became lost and put out an SOS for a phone with Google Maps.  He then dicovered we were 150 metres from the bucket! We had only been out for 30 minutes but half the pack decided they were thirsty and headed to the bucket for refreshments.. Phantom led the rest on a 10 minute detour (it lasted 20 minutes) which circled around past  the Cockburn basketball complex.

Circle:  The Hon Sec said there was a problem with the  name for the new plastic drinking items and to clear up any confusion cups would be refered to as mugs and mugs as cups.

Down Downs: Horse for his birthday despite shouts that it should have been on August 1st.  

Jerrycan for a 19th aniversary and Barefoot for a 42nd.

Antman won the raffle and drew the 8 of spades – right next to the Joker.

The R.A.  said he remembered the chips this week!

Down Downs; Losers (no one mentioned the cricket) were Budgie for West Coast, Colonel for Clarement and Mastitis for drug testing substituion.  Winners were Mumbles for South Fremantle and Moses for Geelong,  Antman for the Poms and FT for France.

Antman for his dog demolishing someone’s front drive.

Haggis for receiving phone calls on the run from a massage parlour.

Scummie got the bell again as he forgot to carry it this week.

Food was a rather thin goulash (it tasted ok though)with bread

Run scored 8/10.

On On

Ramrod & Haggis