Run 2582 – Shakin & Rumpole at Homebase Carpark, Subiaco

On a cool night with little chance of rain, the assembled pack headed off across the car park to the first check at the corner of Station Street. We were somewhat bemused to find the “On Home” sign five metres away on the same corner. Perhaps a lack of communication between the hares??
Luckily some intrepid hound found the on trail and we were off through most of the back lanes, parks and some of the streets of Jolimont, Daglish and Subiaco.

The trail was well marked, there was about the right number of checks, but the false trails were a bit light on for some of the back runners.
The runners mostly got back after about 75 minutes (a bit long Shakin!!), the walkers obviously short cut as they were home before the runners.
The On Sec and the RA gave their normal spiels and found the requisite number of miscreants for Down Downs. Skid won the raffle but didn’t get the Joker. The RA thought it was the turn of the walkers to have the Bell and Sherlock was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He will have his hands full next week!
Food was chicken and salad in a bun but the hare forgot to take all the bones out.

On On