Run 2587 – Goliath and Tank in Aubin Grove

A fantastic run organised by Goliath & co-hare Tank in Aubin Grove. With new challenges that resembled those from The Amazing Race (Hash Roadblock, Hash Fence, etc), we knew that we were in for a difficult yet fun run.

The run, according to Q, was 9.3km, and took about 1h 20min. It started in Aubin Grove and primarily went through Banjup. It also took us past the infamous residential house with 27 bedrooms (… hmm, not sure if anyone needs that many bedrooms?).
There were plenty of obstacles on the way (fences, barb wire, mud, swamps), which is why a lot of people loved the run, though there were a few people that did a lot of cursing on the way.

Either way, everyone was happy that they arrived mostly in 1 piece (Cans had a big scrape and we though we’d lost Haggis, but otherwise everything was good).

And everyone was very happy with the meal that followed (potato jacket with pulled pork and coleslaw) washed down with some special homebrew (called tuica).

The run got awarded 7.5 … though after tasting the main meal, it got upgraded to 8.

Will look forward to Goliath’s next run…