Run 2586 -Birdman & Sir Knob @McGillvray Oval

Run 2586 (Mon 19 Aug 2019) – Birdman & co-hare Sir Knob @ McGillvray Oval, Mt Claremont

A fantastic run organised by Birdman & co-hare Sir Knob in Mt Claremont. The run was about 8km long and took us through the WA Uni sports park, a bus depot, horse grounds, lots of bushes & lakes and finished off with a view of the Perth city skyline.

On the downside, I couldn’t see any interesting birds (was expecting something given Birdman was the main organiser) and couldn’t hear any bells … yes, it’s the committee’s fault for not sending out a reminder to Goliath ;).

On a positive note, thank you Birdman for scheduling to have the Skylab [ISS] to fly over us straightly after our run 🙂

For food, we had some nice cheese for entree (ps. would have gone nice with some Shiraz … hing hint for next time) and a warm pea and ham soup, perfect for a cold winter’s night.

Unfortunately, the night finished early as many had to prepare for a long journey to get to the far South Side for next week’s run (in Aubin Grove, 25 kms south of the city). For those that don’t have a car, hope you’ve got your Indian Pacific train ticket.

ON ON Goliath