Run 2581 – Sir Tom Arse

Sir Tom Arse, Xmas & ScummyPenistone Park, Greenwood
Great Location – Only 5 minutes from home. Weather good. Always rains in the Southern Suburbs not in the Northern Suburbs!
Started at 6:00pm from a walkers point of view, plenty of chalk, walkers and runners (only 8 or 9) Stayed together for half the run. The walkers separated from the runners and were home after 40 minutes. 
The runners had a good run stayed together for most of the time, although Seagull went lame. They arrived back at the bucket after 50 minutes.
The circle was the circle FT & Dick Tracy’s Birthday’s. FT supplied the Melbourne Bitters & Dickie supplied the Favourites Chocolates, Mumbles ate all the Turkish Delight’s!
The circle was interrupted by the Harriett’s dress in Pink Tutu’s and their big Pricks! Sang their hash song and return to wherever. One did leave a frozen stiffy behind! Thanks ladies our excitement for the night.
$5.00 each for the food. $185.00 was raised for the 50th anniversary.
Thanks Sir Tom! The run was awarded 8/10
Sheppard pie was on the menu – Very nice too!
Good Food, Good Booze, Good Run, Good Company & a Good Night!
Thanks all! See you next week!