Run 2578 – Pitt

Swan View, Brown Park was our run start location, one of which we are familiar with. With our torches ready, we headed off into the hills… The whole run felt like one big hill but it was marked well with lots of chalk and a good amount of false trails and checks. Neon and Nanny were both lucky enough to witness what a False Trail looked like! The runners averaged around 8kms in total in 60 minutes.

There was plenty of parking, plenty of Light, the weather was great… Luckily… and there was heating, Scoring Pitt a solid score of 8/10.

In the circle, apparently it was my ( Gnocchi ) birthday ( Lasagna couldn’t confirm that though ) and Fags has been with HHH for 49 years. Christmas enlightened us with another 3 page joke. Barefoot and Pitt are still working out how to turn there computers on to send oin there run write ups!

Yet another great night of hashing!