Run 2567 – Colonel

This run rite up was submitted on 17/6/19. Just goes to show it’s never too late to do a run right up, even for the On-Sec.

The Colonels unusual offering

As we drove down the coast with the Mole and Antman busy discussing model railways and other toys that really should be kept for the playground my mind drifted to the last time the Colonel set a decent run, was it last time…no, was it the time before…no, was it that freezing cold night he served up cold ham sandwiches…no

Fuck lets go home I thought and as I did a u turn I remembered my Thomas the tank engine mates in the back I did a double u turn and headed up Ventnor street.

We arrived at the ONON to find a woman screaming at my fellow Hashmen about parking and dogs, I didn’t get involved but Mr Dick Tracy proved age is no barrier when it comes to  getting your leg over, or was it his guts over I tried to block that out of my memory.

What a shock the Colonel was nowhere to be seen, this run had fuck up written all over it as we headed south west across the park followed by about one hundred dogs, I do remember playing soccer on this oval many years ago and our goalie getting covered in shit as he dived to make a save.

As we got away from the oval we discovered we were going a different way than the usual Colonel run, we found ourselves in completely new territory and not knowing where we were was a nightmare for the short cutters.

This was good and not boring at all as we turned into one park after another behind houses we had never seen before and not a sign of one of them pesky walkers.

Well done Colonel you and your co hare set a great run all new territory and the weather was great.

We got back to the bucket and after an excellent circle we had very nice hamburgers and salad and plenty of it.

Good job, great run, nice food, and as I got into the car with Thomas and the fat controller I smile