Run 2574 – Xmas & Sir Thomarse

Run 2574 Hare Cristmas, co-hare Sir Thomarse

Oh what a night, da da de da da da; Oh what a night da da de da da da, back in May 019 was special night for us.……………Full of expectation and warmth at the prospect of being back in the bosom of inner Perth, we assembled in the yard of the now closed Shitty Motors.

The van was conveniently tucked away in an undercroft. Two visitors came along; Backpool Doog, a mate of Mastitis, and Silver Fox, not the one from Mandurah hash but rather a visitor from the Old Country.

We set of at the allotted time and ran a circuitous route through the closed-down car yard. After meandering through various commercial establishments we found ourselves alongside West Perth panel and Paint, where the ghostly sound of Mafia hammering his dolly could be heard.

The run was dominated by back-lanes, dunnies and stark apartment blocks. A few spectacular views of Perth city by night were encountered along the way. Plenty of Federation architecture, but what a shame that our forefathers allowed such ugly commercial developments to appear in this heritage area.

After some stiff exercise, we arrived back at the bucket and the usual merriment and bonhomie.

A highlight was the RAC floorshow, towing away Rhinos clapped-out Fairmont. Such a major event moved Rhino to film the process, only to find that he used the wrong setting on his iPhone and accidentally filmed his face, with tears in his eyes.

Sir Knob won this weeks’ raffle, an event that some astute observer pointed out was one of the few things that Labour has won recently.

Some excellent food was laid on by Christmas, complete with some English soul food –rice pud. Brought tears to my eyes.

If I was in a position to award marks, I would rank this tops, if only for the fact that Christmas left me with almost no washing up to do. A top evening.