Run 2573 – “Goliath Run” with “Tank” co-hare or was it the other way round?

   It was a dark and moonless night.  The pack had gathered to the fray.   Pre-run chatter was high.  Sir Knob seemed to be the centre of attention, although Elbows was noticeably quiet.  Top Gun (aka Rhino) didn’t even turn up, probably to embarrassed. A good size pack of our four legged athletes including a visitor brought along by Stumbles, “Perth Hash House Hounds Hash”.  It’s got a rice ring to it?  Freo can have two names why can’t we! Anyway, back to the run,  The boys took off with the usual excitement only to find all the arrows in “Pink”.  Rumour has it, it was the Harriets run for the following night! They must have been on trail as they met up with we walkers at about the half way mark.  We didn’t need arrows, we had Phantom! Back at the Circle, the G.M. gave the boys 6 1/2 for the run.  I would put another 2 points for the tucker including bickies. On general discussions we learnt Bushy didn’t bring any piss for his Birthday ‘cause his mates car broke down  –  work that one out! A good crowd, good food and a top night. P.S.  I’d give another point for not having to wash any dishes.  My run next week.   ON ON        Xmas