Run 2569 – Jack Russells’ ANZAC Run

Jack Russell and Elbows – the joint run that wasn’t

The Men’s Shed in Lesmurdie is literally just that, and small tin example out the back of the local scout hall. Compare this to the mighty palace that is the Men’s Shed in Mosman Park, where, despite money literally flowing out of the taps they managed to get Lottery West Funding? And what was with the giant roller doors, looks like something they could wheel a missile through, perhaps something to unleash on Canberra when the Western Suburbs worst nightmare is fulfilled as Bill Shorten moves into the lodge…………

Tom Perrot Reserve in Mosman Park is a venue we’ve been to many times, however there was much confusion as Jack Russell had set us up from the other side of the oval to where we would normally be. Was interesting to see some young kids on the oval showing Jesse Hogan and several other Dorkers players (#25yearsofnothing) how to play meaningful footy before Jack Russell sent us on a loop around the oval before descending down towards the river.

It became fairly evident early on that a great chalk shortage, the like of which we haven’t seen since the great depression that was Stinky Alice’s virgin run several year’s back. Off in all directions we eventually managed to leap from through a series of checks whilst dodging those pesky walkers who so like to get in our way.

The run was an interesting mix of mansion strewn streets, peaceful Western Suburbs parks and alley ways, although a dearth of markings, and some long straight sections meant that the run wasn’t as good as it could have been. We were back at the bucket after a brief 45 minutes, although I’m told we may have missed a large chunk of the run – note to hares, if you want people to follow a trail you have to actually lay some!!

The circle was short, but lively. We kicked off with a short ANZAC poem and minute of silence, even budgie managed to keep his trap shut for the whole minute. The Mole received a down down in Rimmers absence as the only anniversary for the week, Elbows and Phantom had a down down over some confusing footy bet which I think Elbows won.   

Barcode then had his first rant for the year, reiterating that the Hash IT is for Hash IT related issues – if there are questions about the receding hareline then please contact the joint masters – and if there are things which you think aren’t right then speak to your committee.

Your RA then issued some down downs for both losers (Eagles fans) and winners (Dorkers fans, although I’m not really sure you can refer to a Dorkers fan as a “winner”). The run was appropriately critiqued and awarded a generous 7.5.

The roast beef and gravy rolls were delicious – another sensational Monday night, good job Jack Russell and Elbows.

On on

Barcode – see you all in Forrestfield next week!!