Run 2568 – McDonald Park, Duncraig

Hares: Trippple J and the Frying Scotsmen

McDonald Park, Whitfords.

Despite the best efforts of the Hare to reduce numbers (and his costs) by invoking the Gods to rain on his parade, 40 intrepid Hashmen arrived between showers at the park, we have been to many times before. Each time I have been there, the run takes a new twist. Always heading in different directions. Just goes to show what you can do from a great location in a hilly, park-strewn, laneway abounding suburb.

Taking off to the sound of the bell ringing (for the first time in months) into a familiar pattern down the path and into the underpass below Marmion Ave, WHAT a false trail on the other side of the tunnel. That’s different. From here on the run only improved. Despite all the harsh words said about the hare, and his poor record from this location, it really did get better and better. Unfortunately, its in-eligible for the run of the year, but a worthy recipient if it was eligible, the rain dampened the experience only marginally as we were mostly only damp by the time we returned to the bucket. Even the dogs had dried out sufficiently to be NON “wet dog smelly” when they were relocated to the vehicles. The use of false trails and the occasional check kept the pack mostly together, even when we did get strung out, we magically came back together at a good long false trail. Despite the rain, the markings were still mostly legible enough for Emu to be able to see them without his glasses on. A good pointer to the quality of the run. The laneways at the end of the run, despite us using them each time we come here, always seem different and interesting to negotiate a path through.

The circle was nothing remarkable and all the right people were given down downs, the food was served in a timely manner and all had a good feed. Nothing really exciting food wise, but enough to keep the ribs apart for a while longer. Despite the claim by the On Sec that it would be awarded 10/10, it was the RA who made the politically correct call of not scoring it. Very wise FT! Congratulations to Mastitis for being awarded the highly sought after musical device.

Thanks for your efforts Tripple, a good run for all.

On On