Run 2566- Phantom & Sir Knob at Shenton Park

Morning team in the absence of next weeks hare Colonel & being his co-hare I was informed by our spiritual leader Phantom to do the write up, it went something like this “Budgie you have to do the write up, don’t forget the signs etc etc “as he was getting excited I quietly placed my hand on his shoulder & whispered gently into his ear “”it’s okay Rob I’ll take care of it” then my old birthday mate went to water. The start of the run started with Dickie (tugger no 3) picking me up as Rumpole had reminded me that his yearly performance  evaluation was due, we were concerned he was drinking to much piss whilst performing his duties. After a period of time we observed him & asked for a explanation, his reply “With all the Piss left over to count I figured I best drink as much as I can” what a wonderful team man. The other concern the Dept. of Consumer Affairs had contacted Barcode re a Boot Legging operation in Honey taking place in Perth Hash. Well the run was off at the usual time & organised by the Phantom & his right hand man Sir Knob, the location was brilliant hidden in the back blocks of the old Shenton Park Hospital site, for those south of the river there is a really nice subdivision taking place, the current government realised how valuable the land is & are trying to make up for the huge loss’s from Roe 8 & the recent Albany Wave Park, this was perfect opportunity to raise funds.We spent the first 20/30 minutes thru the Shenton Bushland area which had great trails meandering throughout, plenty of FT’s along the way which kept the pack together. We then crossed the railway line & headed into Shenton Park proper at Aberdare Street, Conman & myself discussed where was the border to shires Shenton Park & Nedlands, in his old smooth way Conman started to express his view, however I had to cut him short as after asking him how long will this take & what is the hourly rate !!!  There were great lanes more Ft’s to keep the packs together, really good area/terrain as we worked our way to the Nicholson Road subway, under that, across Selby street picking up the On Home.It was a excellent run by the two hares, the food was good but not quiet as good as the previous week, I believe some members have requested going to the Knob’s place for dinner (providing the bride/cook is available)
What was interesting about the run was that the runners completed it in 47 minutes (source Bushie) & I know the walkers did it in 50 minutes, how good is that, perhaps with some of the young guns missing, Barcode, Seagull, Boner etc may have contributed but you should thank Q for keeping the runners age down to at least the early 60’s.
GM Triple J handed the boys an 8, perhaps a 9 would be more appropriate, the pressure is now on the Colonel to perform.
My Quote of the week.While I was having coffee in Scarborough during the week the guy at the next table Arthur was a RAAF vet of 30 odd years & appeared to be a character, when asked from another table to quieten down his reply was “I don’t give a shit, I am over 75 & I will tell it how it is” I asked him if he was a Hash Man.
Enjoy Budgie