Run 2565 Sir Knob and Phantom HARVEY FIELD

A virgin run site with magnificent views on a balmy night ,sounds like the makings of a top night .Enter the dumb pack which set off north to an FT in a patch of bush .FT means check back about 100 metres and find new trail but NO NO the pack decided to spread far and wide until late arrival MASTITIS found it in the obvious spot . It was then across the golf course dodging the Twilight  golfers and down to the beach

No broads –tough  luck but a bevy of beauty awaited on Cottesloe beach where the wily walkers rejoined the pack .

Bushy and Co also rejoined after  a phone call to Phantom asking  “Where the fuckRwe” and being redirected .

 Thru the civic centre and up into the redeveloped old Quarry are where the Chardonnay set have built on tiny blocks ,down to cross the Railway line into the lanes around Napoleon St  (more yummy mummies ) .

This is where Bushy in his usual non-combatant manner suggested to a driver entering the car park WITHOUT SIGNALLING that he was a Penis head or something similar.

Bushy then took off to the refuge of the railway crossing  ,only to be stopped by a train roaring thru  .Fortunately said driver seeing all BUSHY’s  big mates then decided discretion was better than valour and backed off.

Home was only a few lanes away and the thirsty pack arrived back over about a10 minute period .

Good to see the walkers did a fair bit of the run although a couple of runners (Action  hang your head ) failed to cross the  rail line .

At the bucket DICK TRACY pushed his contraband honey and JACK RUSSELL pulled the broken toe trick to avoid setting a run .

Then the food  which was a GORDON BLUE nomination of chicken and veg cooked in a Turkish oven .You have seen Eagles unable to fly after eating road kill –well our boys looked just like that and still left some ,even after takeaways .

Great Night   Well done KNOB

Wouldn’t be dead for QUIDS