Run 2560 – Conman and Budgie at Trigg Beach

Who ever wanted to get rid of global warming? Even prior to the start, the beachside carpark wasn’t exactly warm with a strong sea breeze chilling the group of supreme athletes.

The eye candy was a good distraction! Well organized boys.

So away we went, under West Coast highway to the east, along some pleasant bush walking trails, up to the oval next to St Mary’s school – we’ve had plenty of runs from this location.

Across the oval and up the hill. Q leaped a metre into the air when he saw a little dugite – where is Kilkenny when you need him?

No wonder he subsequently ran through a ft and got the bell!

Then back into suburbia where a 2-way check held us up for probably 7 minutes.

From there we weaved our way back to the coast, before the hares ran out of chalk and consequently a long run home of a couple of kilometres.

Ideal run time ~ 65 minutes, well set, well marked, plenty falsies and checks.

Followed by tasty mince in large quantity.

Well done. Score: 8.5

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