Run 2555 – Seagull with Co-Hare Q in Lesmurdie

Run 2555 Seagull in Lesmurdie

About 50 runners arrived at Falls Rd, Lesmurdie, on a perfect night for our weekly gathering of elite supreme athletes of the Perth Hash. 

Plenty of room for parking, well away from the locals, although I thought we were going to have some older lady join the start. Seagull addressed the hounds and off we went. Some running while others, more senior members preferred walking as we have been there done that running.

Good use of the territory with many false trails.  We came across the first drink stop, before the pack, and then headed west to the escarpment down the fire breaks and north to Seagulls home. Up the stairs where Mrs Seagull provided more nourishment for a wilting pack.  Scummy rocked in as we were leaving, he gets lost very easily poor old bugger.

As we were leaving Seagull mansion with views over South Africa, in came Xmas and Alex (our young guest from Burma) who had a nasty fall on the slippery gravel. Dick Tracey also needed help down some treacherous parts. 

(I believe Mrs Seagull provided bandages to a nasty cut just below the knee) At the bucket thirsty hashers attacked the drinks. After consultation with Xmas we decided Alex should go to Hospital for clean up, Tetanus injection and stiches. Which there were 3 stiches put in the cut?

So I, we missed the circle and the announcement of Haggis’s son’s funeral.  We left the Midland hospital about 11.30 home by midnight.

Good attendance at the Funeral by Perth Hash for brother Haggis.