Run 2553 Horses NYE Party @ Bayswater

Horse’s NYE Party

Around 30 hardened Hashers braved another early rising to meet at Bayswater at a Virgin start point.Not many of those left . The trail was lost early thx to overnight sprinklers but recovered thanks to speedy Seagull .The pack then missed a big loop but Walkers and Runners came together after a long FT. We then followed lakes and lanes splitting at Bird Sanctuary and arriving back all together after 40 minutes Then followed a short circle (enthusiastically approved by Birdman) where down downs went to Phantom for false call, Shakin 30 years and Colonel whose dog got overexcited at a pair of river kayaks Then came Breakfast-a choice of 5 cereals,fruit , yoghurt and toast. Off we went to beat our wives and have a Happy N Y.

Well done HORSE

On On

Mr Walker