Run 2551 Moses, Dog and Nanny @ Breckler Park

This area has Religious significance  More later

REMINDER  Hash is not a race so Front Runners should respect the slower of us (most ) and if run is poorly set initiate Hash Halts and/or wait at end of FT


We started with several good FT’s – perhaps not long enough and then experienced a series of long stretches such that at top of hill the pack was strung out over about 600 metres .

It was then down the other side of the Golf Course with a loop back to Morley Drive.

The pack then meandered thru the back blocks and obviously the FT’s or lack of, did not work as the pack was now strung over about 1 Km . Near the end some front running sheep missed a FT and added another km before arriving home in wrong direction .

Back at Bucket we celebrated BAREFOOT's 80th with Guinness and cheese cake, Xmas was determined to tell another lie (story) but was howled  down AND THEN YASSAR ARAFAT appeared in the form of stand in RA .What courage in a Jewish enclave but the pack was very nervous expecting retribution especially with YASSAR partaking alcohol .


Plenty of food in form of beef/silverside burgers with condiments

A good effort marred by lack of effective FTs and selfish front runners (no lack of them )


ON ON  Phantom