Run 2543 – Awesome Foursome Run @ Richard Guelfi Reserve, Balcatta

Run 2543 – Awesome Foursome Run @ Richard Guelfi Reserve, Balcatta 

The pack set off in a big loop around the park, On and Over wanneroo rd, into a shopping centre. That’s where the pack split up. Then they disappeared into the distance.

We tried to keep up, No chance, Boys don’t forget its not a race!

If we all come together, it makes the hares feel that their efforts are worth it! Back to the run, On to a drink stop, Port and Lemonade. Short run home, only to find the bucket LOCKED SOLID.

Nanny did the right thing by closing the doors, not knowing it would lock all of them with the keys to the bucket locked inside aswell.

Xmas to the rescue, He drove to Glendalough liquor store to get the spare key.

West coast were kind enough to offer drinks to us, Thanks Boys!

The circle went on and on and on and on as usual, Food was chicken and coleslaw and plenty of it!

Good run, thanks to all.

Reminder, the runs are not a race, keep the group together! The front runners can run around in circles so the back runners can catch up.

On On Lasagna & Gnocchi.

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