Run 2534 – French Tickler and Dollar

RUN 2534 20 August 2018


Timberlane Park Community Centre, Woodvale

Hares:  French Tickler & Dollar

Under a threatening sky a pack (about 35 – 40) gathered in a good location.  The hares optimistically decided to dispense with the shelter and set up in the open.  A certain golden retriever demonstrated a new meaning for the term “dog wash” involving a vehicle and proved he could out pee anyone in hash.

The runners set off into the gathering gloom whilst a recovered Phantom led the walkers across the park and into some bush.  Unfortunately he had some difficulty reading the map and spent some time to and froing.  He was concerned that the pack had lost the trail (which seemed to be well marked the bits we saw) and considered retreating to the bucket in case the runners drank all the beer & ate the chips.  However in the nick of time the runners arrived out of the dark from a walkway, said “where the fuck are we” and then continued on their merry way.  Phantom then retreated with the walkers and led them back to the bucket by a circuitous route arriving just before the front runners who had short cut some of the run.  The trail did appear to be well marked but had given the runners some problems.

Down Downs were held (amongst others – blame my senile dementia) SCB – returnee, Emu – birthday, Jack Russel – anniversary

Dockers supporters for Fremantle setting a record no one else would want  and the wrong dogs got blamed for the dog wash.

Food was plentiful – an excellent spicey sausage, beans and potato stew with brinjal pickle.

Showers eventually dispersed the pack and Emu awarded it a well deserved 9.

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