Run 2533 – Jaapie at East Fremantle

Instead of his usual On On under the Fremantle traffic bridge, Jaapie decided to have us assemble at the lacrosse ground down river but on top of the hill where there was little to no cover from a biting westerly which near froze out the pack. Nice views from there though…

The run was cleverly set with many falsies which kept the pack tight (thankfully so we could keep warm) and a lot of hills. The return to the On On was sudden and much appreciated except for One Prick in the Wall who decided to dive into the carpark. That cost him a down-down and some skin also but he'll live.

The circle was called and Colonel coped a well deserved down-down for submitting his first letter to the West suggesting Ross Lyon should be sacked for some unclear reason. Also collecting down-downs were Chunda who entertained us with his recollections of the Kalgoorlie Boulder HHH weekend and JJJ for going back to Scotland to sort out Brexit. Returnees included Deeply Boring, Wagon, Jack Russell & Dick Tracy and Polecat finally supplied his birthday beers. As luck would have it the cold wind dropped when the RA ran out of imagination and in time for hot Goulash soup. On on. FT