Run 2532 Fags and Cans @ Morris Buzacott Reserve

The scribe was late for the run only to find Fags alone at the bucket with Mark 1 assisting??  Mrs Fags (Pat) was also there keeping the hash nosh warm. Cans had apparently assisted in setting the run but was not there to get any of the credit or blame!


We have previously run in Kardinya but not from this site so here is some information:-

Morris Buzacott Reserve is a sporting space in Kardinya suitable for picnics, medium sized gatherings, family reunions and children’s birthday parties. (And apparently Hash runs!) I couldn’t find any information on who Morris Buzacott was but Google did tell me that a

Hash Run was scheduled there for August 6 involving Hares Fags and Captain!!


The run started with a loop around the Community Centre to a check on Prescott Dr. Then it went along Cassidy, Burdett and Donavon streets and across Somerville Bvd into Chingthrop. A few falsies and checks later and it headed towards Piney Lakes Reserve. Then looping around towards Winthrop Drive around Winthrop Park and back over Somerville into Kardinya and Home.


The front runners arrived at the Bucket around 7pm closely followed by the walkers and the rest of the peloton. About 15 minutes later Haggis, Triplej, Antman and a few others made it back only to be told they had missed the chips. Triplej explained that “any good Scott will never turn his torch on as it uses up the battery and this was why they had lost the trail.” I’m still scratching by head! The Run was scored 9/10!


I had a phone call from one of my golf mates “Stormin” Norman Burd who was standing nearby wondering if this was one of the strange Hash Runs I had talked about. As he was a Burd I introduced him to Birdman. 


The Circle was eventful with various references to the Hash Lunch, very nice Japanese I am told and Stumbles had a complaint for The Mole. Something about coming all the way up from Mandurah and being the only person there? Various down downs awarded for dogs having pyjamas on Antman and Moses. Mumbles for something nobody understood. The entire bunch of Eagles supporters for a weekend in which a huge Gaff was made and for their hierarchy who are a complete embarrassment.


Food was an excellent chicken curry and the pots were not too hard to clean. Thank you Fags!!


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