Run 2528 – Birdman and Barefoot

It was a great run set up by Birdman and co-hare Barefoot.

The only major criticism is maybe they should not trust meteorologists (especially those in hash) to give you weather forecasts … there was no need for wellington boots.

It was a nice 7.7km run through an area with various stops to admire the impressive houses (mansions and castles).

A warm ham and pea soup was perfect for a nice cold night.

Speial mention to Sir Knob for contributing a whisky for the raffle, to Jerrycan for the insight into Ned Kelly (may he rest in peace), to the committee for allowing Xmas to say a joke (and this time, it was actually pretty good and short), to Dick Tracey for ensuring Bushy never looses his keys again, to Emu for the nice picture of the Croatian president lookalike and to the neighbour dancing along on Birdman's back patio (refer to Shirlock's video at around the 3min 14sec mark).

Thank you Birdman.


Perth #. On On.

(Editor's note from Sir Knob: I think the whisky was donated by Antman)