Run 2530 Dollar Rises Again

We turned up to same same as last time   -It was raining and bleak –Usual for a Monday lately ,except for BIRDMAN”S effort earlier in month .

We took off in the rain with Hare’s instructions to walkers to go thru tunnel  . A small panic as we could not see chalk in dry tunnel . Local knowledge from the Supremo short cutter MOLE , soon had us on trail .

The runners had obviously had some initial difficulty in finding trail in the rain as when they had not caught up at 6:30 the courageous walking group reached the local shopping centre and headed home .Realising we were well ahead ACTION and Google  lead us past home and we came in via the back passage –always pretty exciting !!

According to ANOTHER PRICK In the WALL the  runners had totally lost trail and dribbled in about 7 pm and all quickly headed for shelter for a dry drink .

SIRTOMARSE delivered the worst joke I have heard since Primary School and SCUMMY rabbited on forever about some Harriet function Who Bloody cares ,except BIRDY if the circle lasts more than  7.5 minutes.

EMU then chastised (correctly ) the previous weeks hares for no signage  (left    ‘em home ) and appealed to future Hares to help JMs by finding replacement when unable to perform (a few of us are familiar with that problem )

We then heard about COLONEL’s dick amputation (that WAS funny ) and enoyed DOLLAR’s tasty beef stew .

Well done DOLLAR and FT but there is no reason why you can’t set this run again in 18 months as no-one has fully completed your run yet