Run No. 2529 Hares – Goliath & Sir Tom


Location South of the River – Never Good! No signs for guidance some of us had to do the scenic tour.

Weather was windy and light rain.

The sporting complex veranda protected us from the weather we were able to locate the trailer there also.

Numbers were down 30+ mostly due to the weather and the distance South of Perth.

What time is a 6:00pm start? 6:10pm apparently!

The Hares marked the trail late due to the weather both arrived back covered in lime powder. The use of lime worked well considering the weather.

The run / walk started at 6:10pm the only piker was the Mole who stayed beside the fire,  “too wet, too cold” he said.

The walk went for an hour and 10 minutes, crossed the trail with the runners from time to time. The run was well marked new country through bush tracks, roads and creeks which Boner tried to cool down by taking a swim!

From all accounts the run was a good run. No complaints only Boner. The on on was a bit confusing with a false trail and some distance from home.

The walkers and runners returned to the trailer about the same time 7:20pm approximately.

The usual get together before the circle everything seemed ok until no chips. What? No chips?!

The night was saved by Dick Tracey and his birthday chocolates!

The circle started with visitors, returnees and birthdays down downs with the odd songs from Gumby!

Then Budgie interjection seemed to take over the circle.

Apparently emu got lost finding his way to the run and went home! Emu’s fill in was Budgie  who by then was in full flight.

Thank God he was only on for a short time.

The run received a 7 out of 10.

Foods on! Curried Sausages and Corned Bread – Very Very Nice and plenty of it!

A good night was had by all!

Thanks Goliath and Sir Tom