Run 2523 – The Palace Run, Vic Park

Run 2523 – THE Palace Run

Hares: Hammersley and the Harriettes

Despite beliefs to the contrary, Rumpole did turn up for the run, but was quick to disappear after, not staying for his customary chips and a thimble of beer. He was one of the few who braved the elements to show the remainder of the Hashers in Perth, that Perth HHH really are the ultimate athletes, despite perhaps being a tad older than others. A pack of about 100 turned up for the Palace Run at a new location, of which there were about 30 from Perth HHH. Approx 12 runners and 18 walkers braved the elements and took off into the wilds of Vic Park. The run was generally well set, having been reset that afternoon, which helped keep the runners on trail. 

Phranger from Dunny Hash led the pack out of the carpark and was rarely seen again by the majority of the pack, but he did create the ultimate run stuff up. He would find the false trail, then the new trail, before the second runner could catch up. Consequently it was a relentless slog for most of the pack, except for our RA who led the elder hashers at a more sedate pace. Well done Emu, you didn’t lose your flock. There seemed to be a big gap between the front 15 or so runners back in 35 minutes, to the back runners turning up at about the 45-50 minute mark. I did 4.6km, which was an indication that it was a pretty short run. I don’t think I short cut much, if any.

The pre-circle drinks went down well with cheese and hot sausage and a few biscuits to keep the hungry happy, and there was a good selection of beers behind the bar. Most of our club ignored Horse’s advice to have the cheap beer, and chose a premium drop for their Tab 29 “free drink”. Horse (and Gerrycan – not there) was happy that there weren’t too many of Perth Hash there, as it saved the club on costs for food and drink. Well done to those who stayed away (afraid they might get wet).

The circle was a tame affair, with a history lesson thrown in about how the Palace Run came about (apparently the original hares were Waddels and Mac The Mouth). Our club nearly caused a stir by refusing to sing the club song, however, Emu and Gumby goaded our members into voice and eventually we gave a rousing rendition. Despite Hammersley running the circle it didn’t go till midnight, so the food (sausage, chicken or lamb curry and rice) was still hot when we finally sat down. Generally a good night and nice to catch up some of the decent people from the other clubs. Hopefully, we will have more members attend this event next year.

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