Run 2520 – Pitt and Co-Hare Cans @Brown Park Recreation Centre, Swan View

The Combined Experience of 2 Peters in Swan View – Hare Pitt with Co-Hare Cans

The old faithful of Brown Park turned on great weather and plenty of parking. The Runners set off out of the park and turned right up the hill to find the first of many false trails. There was clearly ample supplies of chalk available in the Eastern suburbs as the Pack followed the trail with numerous False Trails and Checks.

The Walkers were honoured by the inclusion of FT (winged) and BIRDMAN (on the piss at lunch) and were able to easily follow the first half of the trail in close contact with the Pack as the False Trails kept both groups together. Walkers left the Pack which then did a big loop arriving back at the DEAD Heart of Midland.

The trail then meandered through an area of Swan View that did not benefit any short cutting, except for SEAGULL who with all his speed and guile did not have the fortitude to go back to the pack when he took a wrong turn. The last sighting of SEAGULL  before he took off home, he mentioned that the Front Runners included NEON, BARCODE, MASTITIS, Triple J and even SKID, most likely due to the 13 False Trails he encountered to that point (but who’s counting?) He arrived back with the walkers 10 minutes in front of the Pack.

It’s a good job we kept running as there wasn’t much street lighting and you never know who’s lurking behind those rusty utes parked in front of the run-down houses.

A great 60-minute run with numerous FTs and Checks bringing the pack in more or less together.  As the old girlfriend said “EXPERIENCE COUNTS”.  Future Hares please note!

Back  at the Bucket we welcomed back RAINDROPS, with his new hair colour – he lets work get in the way of fun (Hash ). HORSE told his customary joke but needs to use bigger type so as NOT to screw up the punchline. Or maybe he needs a new joke? RHINO  had a customary down down (probably because he was late again ) and Birthday Boy BUSHIE also due to his inability to send a simple email to the correct address and therefore upsetting Hash Splash.

EMU gave us his usual quotable quote and followed with a joke covering Nationalities /Religon/Race. Keep ‘em coming EMU, stuff the PC.

FOOD was tasty beef stew and potato, plenty to go around.

A great night, perfect weather, good food and a great run. Thanks Pitt and Cans.