Run 2519 – Gnocchi @ Viking Softball Club car park, Kingsway

Run 2519 – Gnocchi @ Viking Softball Club car park, Kingsway

It's always worth making an effort to attend the runs set by the
Gnocchi/Lasagne duo and this was no exception. Familiar parking at the
Kingsway reserve on a cool, crisp but fine night saw a large pack of walkers
and runners head off in the same direction over Hartman drive and into the
depths of Landsdale. A short deviation off the road and through a narrow
gap in a fence saw the runners vying with the lumbering walkers to access
the small gap. This threatened to split the runners and for a short while it
did but the back eventually linked up with the front through some good trail
setting. I even had FT pass me twice !! On through a nice bit of bush and
limestone track saw us descend into deepest Darch ( which I always thought
was at the top end of the Champs Elysees). On we went, with ,God help us, a
Joint Master in the form of Mastitis actually doing his job and ensuring the
back kept in touch and made it to the drink stop at the Kingsway tavern.
Here we were greeted by Gnocchi pouring us all an ale. This was followed by
a hardish run home to be greeted by a table of nibbles which I missed
seeing because of the hungry hordes surrounding the table and scoffing them.

Horse eventually got the circle going with notable returnee Kilkenny plus
Wagon, myself and one or so others. Birthdays were Sir Tom and Nanny.
Jerrycan was invited to sum up the golf day which for once was fine and
named the winners of the 3 ball competition (whatever that is) whom I can't
recall and Rhino as the trophy winner even though it was suggested he was
the only competitor.
Gumby then made us aware that The Mole had backed into his car therefore
necessitating a drink. At the same time it was also brought to attention
that the Hash Lunch at the Thai place in Mandurah was a great success.
Emu's spiel followed with a notable joke about Paddy and a Muslim and for
those long sufferers who had put up with Emu berating them about problems
with his neighbor he announced she was moving and he'd at long last won!! He
didn't mentioned the proposal to build a Mosque on the site!

The run was justly awarded high 8s and the food was chicken burgers cheese
slices and salad in ample quantities.

As always a top effort by Gnocchi and Lasagne