Run 2518 – Triple J @ MacDonald Park, Padbury

Run 2518 – Triple J @ MacDonald Park, Padbury

The run started from Macdonald Park in Padbury. A location the we have been many times before. Off we headed at 6pm where we were greeted with our first false trail……..  and this is where everything turned to shit. We finally found some P’s after running around in circles for 10 minutes. The run headed out towards whitfords ave, this was as far a I got. We couldn’t ( we being FT and I ) find trail from there, so we had a nice run back down whitfords ave, running past Tripple J’s house where we could smell the Bunnings Sausages being cooked up! And back on home down marmion ave.

Arriving back at the bucket, I heard some rumours of Tripple J going to win the Dunny seat award this year, but lets not get too carried away.

I personally covered 8.3kms, so if I was to find the chalk and complete the whole run, I would imagine it would have been around the 12km mark! The poor walkers were out there for 1 hour and 15 mins! Poor blokes!

Q and 3G turned 18, Rumpole, Gumbi and Botak  had birthdays aswell, although a lot older than 18. We had 1 visitor – Putrid, and Gumbi and Christmas were our returnees. Gnocchi (me) was called up for my second 10 year anniversary Mug.

Emu got Tripple J up to talk about the run, which apparently took him 2 hours to set. Tripple J was disappointed we didn’t get to see the topless lady he had organised behind the Craigie leasure centre! But apparently his next 50 run starts will be from the same location until he gets it right.

His score was 4 for the run, plus 1 for the light and plus 1 for the girl walking her dog on the run! So that gave him a grand total of 6 /10.

We were served with Gourmet Bunnings sausages which have left me 5 times over. Oh, and horse was upset there were no greens!

Good job Tripple J!!