Run 2516 ANTMAN at Joondalup Arena

I was looking forward to this run after weeks of listening to Antman bang on about how good it was going to be, we have had to endure every detail as we car pool to Hash every week, mind you it makes a change to listening to him and the Mole chat incessantly about trains or train sets (yes toy trains)and yes I know they are grown men. I actually prefer trainset chatter over Antmans description of one of his thousands of beer bottle labels as I usually fall asleep then wake up at the ONON with a stiff neck.
So to the run, my night started with an unexpected passenger in mister Tracy’s car, Budgie was sitting in the front seat (where I usually sit) I wasn’t told why he was there I am assuming his normal lift has got fed up listening to him and hand balled him to us.
We then picked up the Mole and we were on our way, not to far tho as the discussion turned to which way to go, so after some excellent instructions from the Mole we were off, I did notice the mole didn’t hear mister Tracy say he knew the way as he was a West Perth supporter and went to Arena Joondalup every other week, the Mole is helpful like that always telling people where to go I don’t understand why some people find it annoying.
Budgie kept us entertained with tales of the bucket, wow what a great job the tuggers do and what fun they have doing it, it seems like a lot of fun driving all over the country side with The dog and the colonel, and at the end of the night they get to pack all the gear away count all the bottles budgie said it has something to do with keeping Alzheimer’s at bay by keeping the mind active, they even have a bloody song something about green bottles and a wall sounds like they have a laugh.
Before we knew it we were in Joondalup and the Mole and Dick were trying to decide where to park, it’s almost like they are married.
So we run out of the car park to a false trail at the back of the Arena, sadly it one of the few falsies we would see. It was very thoughtful of the hares to have us run around the Arena amongst all the young fit bodies playing soccer and rugby just a gentle reminder to us of our former selves.
It’s hard to say where we ran as sadly most of Joondalup looks the same, for me I crossed the main road through the city centre then got myself involved in a conversation with Birdman about birds of all things, then I found myself with a tough decision do I stay with the walkers or do I go down the footpath into the darkness with the pack getting farther away, I go after the pack and end up in the middle of a field with my torch running low on batteries I headed for the light found the main road again followed the out trail back to the bucket where a nice cold beer was waiting, thanks again to the tugger.
The pack arrived home to a sigh of relief from the hares, then the walkers made it back and another Perth Hash run was completed.
The circle was called and Horse jumps on the box and we are off, visitors were called up and given a drink, Horse told the story of his son Brumby being born on the day Emu ran his first Hash run or maybe the other way around, Elbows was given a down down for another imaginary sexual experience, Stewie was thanked for his efforts raising money for the 50th birthday celebration, well done Stewie.
The RA moved onto the box and we waited to see which way he would go would he be PC or non PC, I think the latter as he can’t help himself, we were shown a photo of someone’s wife wearing a burka and I’m sure I have seen her before I would need to have a closer look but I’m sure I’ve seen her face before, we needed to get going as the food was ready and the hares were pissed, Batak was called up and retrospectively given a down down for last weeks run not having enough false trails and to much Pizza, or was it the other way around.
The hares were called Antman and Scumbag what a combination, there was a bit of banter about the lack of false trails and parts of the run being to long, for me it was just the right length even if I only did half.
The food was Antmans creation from Brazil and with the assistance of Scumbag it was dished out and there was plenty for everyone, my opinion it was very good and very hot. All good as far as I’m concerned.

Well done to the Hares and good on you Antman for trying out some new territory 10 out of 10 for me.

All in all a good nights Hashing was had and my thoughts turned to the journey home and how it would go with the mix of personalities, I soon found out as we got in the car mister Tracy turned to the Mole and said Mole I know the fucking way home so sit down and shut up.
Thank you for reading this and remember those of you who think this is a load of shit, it probably is.


Triple J