Run 2511 Barcode with Boner @ Hedley Jorgensen Park

The baying hash hounds assembled in the hills just west of Kalgoorlie on a hot autumn evening in frantic anticipation of catching and devouring the infamous Hillbilly Hares. Although the hounds had travelled a great distance for this event there was no delays to start this event.

The horn sounded, the baying increased and into the hot Parrot Bush scrub they ventured, impeded only by the clever laying of small orange ball bearing like stones by the Hillbilly Hares. Uphill, down dale, some strange black top surface and more ball bearings.

The hounds were treated to a well-earned, although short drink stop to continue the chase. After 55 minutes of chasing the Hillbilly Hares they returned emptyhanded. More welcoming drinks were offered.

The gathering was addressed, redressed and undressed, the hares were awarded a score of 9.

The hounds then fed on some unusual but tasty game meat served with corn a potato salad. Some more drinks and the hounds slowly found their way back to their home kennels.