Run 2508 Action @ Carine Open Space

The first run under the guardianship of the new Hound dog committee set by none other than GM Action and ably assisted by Moses and that entrée on a lead.

Carine open space is always a good starting point for a winter run and its  guaranteed to be cold. Whoops, it was a summer run – bring back global warming!


So off we headed, after the initial falsie split the pack, across the grass into a 50km gale, over Oakley Rd to the highlands of Carine. Plenty of falsies as we wound around before crossing Beach Rd., but I think already we had two packs by this time.

After what I would estimate to be 2/3 of the run, we lost the trail and decided once giddy, to head home, arriving about the same time as the front runners.

There followed a great circle, even a welcome to country complete with smoking ceremony.

Tucker was most very tasty and a good thing it was hot, given rather cool conditions.

A good night Action.


[Thanks to Dickie & Rumpole for giving the van a thorough cleaning]



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