Subject: Dollar and Ft Run Write up by Gnocchi
Starting from Waldex in kingsley, we headed off in a westerly direction. From the start we knew that we were heading around the lake, the lake that Mr mole gave some aboriginal name which i cannot remember. ( Moses was not happy that the lake did not have a “bloody normal" name.)
We headed into Kingsely where we weren’t sure if we were at Hillary's boat harbour or not with all of the boats out the front of the houses. We were greated with alot of "sh…house" hills, testing our stamina and quads.
Half way through the run, half of the pack decided to piss off and head on home, but us front runners, though with not much chalk leading us, decided to push on.
Reaching Whitfords ave, we realised we would be heading back along the lake eating insects.
This is really where the run turned to shit, ( well it was long before that, but I dont want to upset Dollar or F.T anymore than I have.)
We decided to follow the lake up until we saw Wanneroo road, and then followed the streetlights On Home.
Boner was asked to score the run, he called it a "Double D run" meaning: Disjointed and Disappointing. 10kms and 1hr and 10mins.
Boner scored 4/10 but later updated his score to 4.8 because of the effort put into the food.
Food was A beautiful curry and rice, with herb bread to soak up the juices.
Good Job Dollar & F.T