The Hon Sec’s 2500 run write up

PH3 2500th Run

Almost 50 years ago, several young men gathered under the banner of the Perth Hash House Harriers for the very first time, and last week we celebrated our 2500th Run, a milestone to be proud of. So, after giving ourselves a day to recover from our celebratory dinner on the Saturday night, the group gathered on the Monday for our official milestone run (we’ve actually already had our 2501 – 2504, but hashers like to do things differently for sure).

Our group was joined by hashers from all over, notably most of the Hamersley guys, the West Coast guys, a few Harrietts and some from Rocky City so I believe, at the Olympic Kingsway Sports Club in Madeley. A massive thanks to all those who joined us from other Hash groups, we ended up with over a 100 folks which was great. So off went the packs, one of runners and one of walkers on trails set by two very experienced hares in FT and The Mole. I was told before the run started that it was designed specifically to f*#k up Phranger from West Coast and I believe it worked well. I wasn’t on the run, but I have had to field several complaints from the elderly residents of Wisteria Lane, I’ve suitably redirected them to Hamersley H3. From all reports the run was well marked, with interesting territory, and a drink stop which was typically hijacked by Hamersley who, as we all know, take it up the arse.

Back at the Kingsway Olympic, there was a frantic grab for the 2500th t-shirts, poor Gerry Can was getting smashed by eager PH3 members desperate to get their preferred size. Equally as smashed was the poor girl behind the bar who obviously had no idea how quickly Hashers can put away stubbies. As the finger food was handed around, the circle got underway, with Barcode struggling to reign in the raucous crowd. Never the less, as usual what he had to say was worth listening to. Some of our more esteemed members (read old), including Fags, Phantom, Chunder, Wagon, Sir Tomarse, Horse, Mumbles and Polecat were called up for their more than 40 years of membership with PH3. Past members who are no longer with us were also recognised. Barcode then continued to build his legacy of unity by inviting Phantom and Boner to kiss and make up, whilst heading off a potential conflict between our current Hash Flash Sherlock and our newest member Con who is a professional photographer. Ace and Ramrod were called up for causing a fuss at the 2500th dinner with dietary requirement issues. Ace for being a glutard (correct medical terminology for one who is gluten intolerant) and Ramrod for dropping Barcode in it with his wife by not arranging food she could eat. Rumpole would also have been called up, but ironically, he was absent due to a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning.

Then up came our RA who had engaged some the PH3 CSI team to investigate who it was who had won the raffle prize of a free root at the knocking shop on a run some decades ago. In true law enforcement style, when they can’t find the actual culprit, they make up some evidence and make an accusation. Phantom was duly handcuffed (I’m told this was what had happened in the knocking shop too) and taken down. The hares were called up and commended for an excellent run. Some more beers, some beef roles and another Perth Hash event was successfully closed out. Thanks to all who helped out and all those who came.

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