Horse and Pitt in Hazalmere

Horse and Pitt in Hazelmere

When I first arrived at the bucket, I thought we were going to be in the shit big time. Everything was going f#*king wrong. The bucket arrived full of warm beer thanks to the lack of ice. The hares had left the watering cans at home. There was no site of the Hon Sec (who apparently was caring for his wife, but maybe gone into hiding after he lost the run of the year trophy and then blamed the entire club for not returning it, only for it to resurface under his pool table.) There was no Grand Master either, though he did make a late appearance.

Quite obvious to all that there was only 1 week to go with this committee!

The run started on time with the hare pointing us on in the right direction while the co hare collected watering cans and Ice.

The run started with the usual loop around the park and then worked its way down to the Helena River Mosquito Plain. This is where it got interesting as we had all the runners following trail in a paddock, while a nameless walker started calling on, 400 meters away. To say this led to mass confusion is an understatement. To the walkers, the lesson learnt here is to allow the runners to find the trail!

On we went through some quaint suburban streets and up to the railway lines, where the pack briefly lost the trail before finding it again under the recently graffitied bridges. We clambered through the empty spray cans and used syringes and back into the houses, only briefly though as the trail then took us into waist high grass as we came back to the river.

We battled through and ended up in the new housing estate before coming back out onto west parade with a short on home.

A great run, well set by the hares.

The circle was high jacked by a minority group of hashmen trying to bribe the RA into changing our newly acquired member’s (Sunfish) name. This act of treason was convincingly shouted down and Sun fish shall live on. Gumby then reminded everyone what can happen if you try to change your name, you usually end up with a worse one! Plenty of poor hash men have copped names they aren’t too happy about, but that is the beauty of hash. They are hash names, used at hash, for hashing purposes.

The hares then provided a ham and salad roll which went down a treat. Great job Horse and Pitt.