Run 2505 Xmas in Stirling

Run 2505 Xmas Stirling

The easterly wind was keeping the flies & midges away, as we congregated next to the open drain behind the Kathmandu Store in Stirling. Xmas said we needed agility & patience on a challenging run, just follow the arrows.

The runners & walkers set off and mingled together looking like a dog’s breakfast as they negotiated a hole in the dog fence to gain access to the open drain, eventually all climbed thru including the dogs. As per usual Deeply Borings dog wanted to be part of the video and dived in for a swim at the dogleg of the drain. He looked up, as his master tried to persuade him to climb out of the dirty, stinking water. Luckily he didn’t see the ducks exercising.

The culvert crossing at Scarborough Beach Rd held up all who had assembled on the western side Luckily the diamond mesh fence provided some safety hand holds to carefully navigate to the other side. Well done Mumbles. For one’s safety, all runners took a careful crossing of SBR to head south and find a massive false trail. I counted 29 walkers, returning from the false trail, only to head into the Anaconda car park& Botanic Bar car park. Did Bushie stop for a taster?

Over Leige St to the Greater Union Cinema, over SBR at the lights again and await in McDonalds for the less agile walkers to cross. Under, thru, above the car park levels of Westfield Innaloo to find a long straight stretch up Dongara St, where the runners could stretch the hamstrings and spread out again. The trail continued east up Cedric St towards the Freeway and back under IKEA to home at 6.45 pm.

The quietest part of the circle were the 5 dogs, all tired up, sitting on the concrete & looking at their owners. There is more respect from them, than the dog-eat-dog attitude of the front runners. The Onsec was dogmatic for 17 minutes of announcements, including anniversaries for The Mole 17 years & Antman 35 years. Birthdays for Deke & Elbows, who is looking dog tired these days.

Food was lamb cutlets & rice, plenty to feed the masses and no one took a doggy bag home. Virgin country and a difficult site to please the masses, well done Xmas, a score of 8. We all left to return to the dogsbody in the dogbox.

OnOn Horse.