2500 Run

I think the outgoing flock of seagulls deserve at least another two feathers in their caps.
One for the excellent social gathering of past and present members of the club on Saturday night, and the 2nd, one for the    venue and  the 2.5 run. Top marks to PR crew or was it the Phantom? for the gathering of the clans,  cause he knows everyone!  Must be why he had handcuffs on.
It might have been the acoustics or the West Coast pricks complaining about “No Chips”.  It was difficult to hear what was going on.  Anyway they soon shut up when all the finger food came out.  Talk about Seagulls.
After the circle, Hamersley  started bitching.  They thought that was all the food they would get, until they saw Perth Hash forming a queue to receive a very succulent roast beef roll.   Well done.
The Run must have been o.k. as I heard no complaints from the Harriett's.  You won’t anyway as they are always busy catching up on the latest gossip.The walk was very good, except for one small glitch.  The Phantom went down a dead end street;  he called it a false trail! until we got back on track.  Job well done to the Flock.
As they fly off into the sunset in February they may be  persued  by the Pack of Mongrels”,  You first heard  it from Xmas.
The title of the GM will be changed to FIDO and the ON SEC known as “The Bitch”.
Hash Cash will be the “Dog Catcher”.
The Circle, The Dog Pound”
All currant canines will be brought back in and all “Puppies”  the rest of us caught yapping in the Pound will be tied up on leashes,  15 meters away (watch out Scummy.)
Dog Collars will be sold by Hash Hasberdashery        with name tags extra.
On the runs or “Walkies”  as they will come to be known. There will be no running up the ass of anyone.  If you need a piss, you are required  to   stand on one leg  next to a lamp post.  Chewing  up pussys will not be tolerated, just ask  Antman.   Licking  your own balls is o.k.
If you need a dump, just ask Ramrod, he carries plenty of spare  yellow bags. 
On return to the pound there will be no more chips as the Mongrels have talked Pembo into bringing along 20 kilo bags of dog bickies.
And to conclude in the New Speak, it’s not ON On but Woof Woof.
Xmas (The Dog Whisperer)