ARISTOCAT in home territory for a BONC


We have been here before .Like a 20 year marriage  -he knew what to do but could he make it interesting !   In the unfamiliar style of a Freo Supporter  -He did it well .

The runners took off for a large loop which gave the Wanklers time to reach the old traffic bridge and climb thru hidden limestone hills to the Signals Lookout .After a number of FTs the Wanklers emerged by the Army Museum followed by the Runners .

At this point the Runners looped the Swimming pool and then tackeled more limestone bush to emerge just behind the SCB Wanklers .

The Wanklers short cut past Horribly Long park while the runners took the longer Root,all arriving back around 7

So fat Wanklers stuffed from the hillclimb to0k the short Root home abut also got back at 7  .Top effort using some virgin territory and keeping the pack pretty well together.

Back at the Bucket some 50+ drinkers ,including around 8 BONCs , enjoyed the Hash and jokes .The Hills youth  were recognised for Graduation , especially Q (Brain ) young Seagull . FT got the Bell so we may not see or hear it again till 2018

Food was tasty marinated lamb and coleslaw in a bun. WEL DON ARISTO


PS If you don’t want the circle to go on so long then SHUT THE FUCK UP at the back




Run 2497 Polecat 04-12-2017

by Perth Hash Hounds 

'A Cats Hang Out under Stirling Bridge'