Run 2495 Rhino and Shakin

Even though I didn’t actually do the run due to a squashed foot, Iam reliably informed that it was a very predictable Rhino run.

In true Burswood or Tomato Lake tradition, there were long stretches between markings – always hard to set a really good run in old suburbs where blocks are big.

However, the leafy streets of Dalkieth and large houses extolling the benefits of capitalism and hard work made for pleasant scenery whist running.


Highlight of the run has to be Phantom’s dummy spit as he directed the runners whilst obscuring a check – now Phantom is normally very calm and collected, so perhaps that could actually be construed as initiative!


Other than that, seems run was uneventful and reasonably well set.


Back at the bucket, it was good that we were beside a plaque letting us know the land belonged to the Noongars – you’ll all be impressed I stopped Nanny’s dog from pissing on it!

Talking about dogs, if you went hungry, Rhino’s inattention allowed one of the local canines to devour a few snaggers.


Car parking & lighting good, tucker average and I think the score was 1.0 [or is that a typo?]


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