Elbows and Haggis in Bull Creek on 16th October 2017.

The first thing to mention is that the co-hare delivered weather of Scottish proportions so that he would feel at home in the storm.  However, the Hare was up to the challenge with the venue and a reasonable pack of about 40 were able to get out of the weather for the circle and food.


Good run location, enough parking, easy to find and a nice touch added with Clive doing doughnuts to show respect to the gathering of Hashmen.  I am not sure that many who vote in the district would be more inclined to vote for him than had he not towed his signboard round in the great weather.


The intrepid hare got some flak for the marks for his walkers’ run, described and understood by engineers as a chevron, but for the rest just an arrow head.  But JJJ, a traditionalist at heart demanded to know why a W, good enough for 50 years of hashing, is not good enough for Elbows.


Visitor Bee Man from Brasil was given a couple of down downs and was very gracious in accepting his future name of Festering Scrotum. This caused Antman to nearly swallow his stubbie, holder and all, when Barcode made the announcement.



To the Run and Food. 


This Hashman ran 7km and that did not include too many false trails, but also no shortcutting.  I thought a very good run, with the trail surviving rather well generally considering the amount or rain.  The map was handed to Boner, as a back-up and whilst he got a downdown for being a confused map reader, the pack kept together pretty well and as Nanny said “you know it is a good run when you find yourself , more than once, running just behind a senior (age and stature) gentleman of Hash.


Elbows managed to find some shaggy, bush, minor creeks, grass and even bitumen to run on and all of this without filling our runners with water.  Pretty good job there Gents.


We were kept from crossing any major roads and only skirted Leach Highway the once.  Two false trails got near Karel Avenue.  So reckoned this was a damn fine run all round.


I thought the tucker was extremely tasty, though the curry residue on the pot bottoms were a mark against the cook.



In true recent form, the run was given a 10, but even in normal marking tradition it was worth all of an 8½.



Well done Elbows and Haggis