Bushy and Co. in Dianella

Perth Hash House Harriers: Buuuuuuushy’s  Run : Dianella 9 October 2017.

Out in the northern extremities of close-in suburbs we gathered in the Dianella open space where our beautiful colleague Scottie last set a run (and sent the pack off in the  wrong direction as a harbinger of worse to  come). Very busy little park it was  too with non-hashers  driving  everywhere –including  one  helpful  lady who suggested we  should  not  be there because it will get “very busy”. So I guess we added a little to that busy-ness with our 50-odd members freezing their bollocks off in the last wintery cold breeze for the year. With Bushy, Crayfish and Sir Knob so idealogically aligned as hare/co-hares what could go wrong?

Off in different directions  went the packs (not a good sign) but it all turned out ok with frequent crossings of each other’s paths through  generally flat territory  marked  by dull 70’s houses,  no visible inhabitants and lots of open drains and small parks (after we  emerged from the open space/bush area). The track appeared very well marked with about 14 FT’s (now there’s a frightening concept) and a couple of long straight tracks. The reported range of complete lengths varied up to 9.5 kms for the run and 5.5km for the walkers.

Both packs came in on cue at just under the hour to be heralded by half a boatload of midgets playing a very high grade of basketball to a very low grade sound-track of rap in the court adjacent to the bucket. Cheese, bickies and olives helped that. 

Into the Circle:

Visitors Beeman (mate of Antman) and already-gone Jack Russell, returnees Pembo, Neon, Mumbles, Fags and Mk 1 were ceremonially greeted (Beeman with his shirt on back to  front: D/D for  Antman). Another D/D  (and the  bell) to Goliath for missing the run site and others I can’t remember and  can’t  read on my notes cos the light was fading despite the adjacent overhead  floodlights strong enough to  give you skin cancer, just to add to the deafness  from the rap music. At least each track might have been different as opposed to our very standard, but below par, refrain.

3G scored a D/D and a pizza suit to recognise his new job and Elbows (Oooh me?) won the whiskey/whisky raffle donated  by Xmas. Thanks Xmas. Polecat got a D/D for something he  probably deserved too.

Our Rrrrr ehh?  Triple J then regaled us with the health benefits of being Scottish (it was a very short regaling too). More  down downs.

Out with the Hares: Bushy in a hat which wouldn’t look out of place in a pair of panties.  The general consensus was an excellent run with 10/10 awarded (makes it hard to mark next week’s run too). Top parking, lighting, trail marking and food of hamburgers. (It must have been good- the basketballers enjoyed it  too. On yer Bushy and co-hares.