Scumbag & Antman in East Perth

The East Perth Power Station run site was great for a summer's night but risky for a potentially raining spring evening. The rain God's were kind and we had fine although cold weather.


There was some concern that there wasn't enough car parking but with the car pooling now popular it wasn't a problem even with the crowd swollen by the West Coast hashers.


Scummie waved the starting flag and we were off along the cycle path towards Guildford. Then we veered off the track and over Joel Terrace, up Packenham Street and then back south in some dodgy looking lane ways. 


They reminded me of the time I assisted Ramrod home after a hash lunch in Bassendean. As the train was about to depart from Mt Lawley station Gumby said to me 'wasn't that Ramrod who just fell over on the platform?'. Perhaps I should have stayed on the train instead of guiding a 'pissed' Ramrod through the lane ways to his place?


Back to the run…


Down some more lane ways to the East Perth station. Over the new walk bridge to the north side and into the railway terminal only to exit at the east end.


 After zig-zagging around the carpark we headed south west down Summer Street. I appreciated the Hash Halts which gave me and Barefoot time to catch up.


We ran though the back streets of East Perth and over the Graham Farmer Freeway. Eventually we jogged across Wellington Square and on towards Claisebook inlet.


By then Barefoot was keen to re-pay me for a beer I bought him on a run a few years ago. So it was into the Royal Hotel and a quick pint. I had a Steam Beer and Barefoot chose another.


After the pleasant diversion we set off down Henry Lawson Walk before running along the cycle path near the river.


We were just in time for the circle.


There were some down-downs and Gumby introduced us to some different down-down songs (Ok we only have one Perth Hash down-down song). Basil Brush got up on the crate and addressed the assembled hashers.


The food was hamburgers which was great because that was what I was planning for my run the following week. And the bonus was no plates to wash up. The pots made up for it though with 1/2 inch fat in the bottom for Mrs Bushranger to scrape off before washing them back at the Ranger house.


Later Rumpole explained to the hares the correct way to clean the BBQ before loading it into the Beer Bus. I think they failed the test as the BBQ was still covered in grease and fat this week.


All in all a great run, great food and great company.


As the Irish say….

May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far.




As you slide down the banister of life,

May the splinters never point the wrong way.

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