Run 2486 – Rimmer



The pack slowly assembled at the Warwick Bowling Club. As the bewitching hour of 6.00pm arrived there appeared to be about 40 present.  Politics and the footy had been discussed in depth and still no firm conclusions had been reached as to how to resolve the great questions of our time.


Rimmer had admitted, in the earshot of your scribe, that been concerned with the length of the run and had reviewed the trail on at least a couple of occasions. 


It was good to see Mr Magoo again, who had arrived from his exotic abode in Thailand.  He regaled as with tales from the Land of Smiles. Gerrycan was accompanied by a potential new member “Chris”, good to see.    


With the pack listening intently, we were told that we would be on chalk and flour, just for a change, and sent on our way.


The runners headed North and the walkers South.


The runners as usual spread out with “guns” (aka FT) disappearing into the distance, never to be seen again until the rest of runners arrived at the “Bucket”. The rest who were moving at a more gentile pace resumed discussions about the Eagles weekend performance.   The Dockers woes were also examined with Ballantyne’s new one year contract, Fyfe’s million dollar contract and whether Sandilands will last out 2018.  The brilliant driving of Vettell was also examined, given that he was able to take out a Red Bull and a Ferrari in the 1st 200 metres of the Singapore Grand Prix.


The trial meanders through the back streets of Warwick without any real incident,  However, at one stage the runners came upon the “Walkers” who were deep in discussions with Phantom about the direction of the run.  The run was well marked, except there could have a few more false trails and checks to keep the pack together.


Phantom led the “Walkers” south around the back of the Warwick Senior High School, around the rear of the Nursing Home, where we nearly lost half of the pack who were already looking for a rest.  But urged on by our fearless leader waving the “map” in the air, like a tour leader from a Wendy Woo tour, they continued into the back streets of Warwick. The pack meandered north towards Penistone Park and then back to bucket”. All in all a pleasant stroll.


The events at the “bucket” were much as usual, with Barcode describing various upcoming events including the Friday Sundowner, Hash lunch and the Father Children’s weekend. While all this was taking place, suddenly out of the gloom a spectre appeared.  Good heavens it was none other than our Thailand member Magoo, some half hour after the rest of the pack.  Naturally he was required for a down down.  


Triple J assailed our senses some of his endless supply of jokes.  However, even though he was listed as the co-hare he absolved himself of any blame in regard to the run.  I thought the Scots stuck together.


A good supply of bangers, peas and mash was suppled, and many went back for seconds –a testament to the quality.


All in all a good run and On On.


Well done Rimmer.