Leaving the country ,over the cut with a top sunset in view I picked up Doc[Mandurah/Bunbury HHH] and down the freeway full of anticipation of catching up with Perth's top pack.  For once the freeway was kind to us and apart from the usual snarl at the Roe Hwy it all went smoothly. The pack was already gathering but there was time to catch up with old mates and chat about the top lunch that Rhino organised ,over 25 a great turnout. More arrived  until about 50 fronted up.


Sir Knob wearing his Akubra hat and looking a lot like Baa Baa Barnaby Joyce  greeted us and assured us it was well marked, walkers got a map in case we got lost. Tomato Lake has certainly changed since the first hash run I had here in 1981 then it was a bulrush lined swamp and as somebody remarked all you could hear were frogs. Doc tells me 1, 1/2 million was spent upgrading it and it looks terrific. We swing right and over a wooden walkway and plunge into the depths of Carlisle. I couldn't help noticing lots of interesting looking people, Sudanese, Burkas, Pakistanis etc. until I was told the old Kewdale school is now a Muslim college lets hope Sir Knob doesn't have bacon sarnies for food.


More roads lots of chalk, well marked, Budgie and Jaarpie decide to join the runners until they realised their mistake. Lots of chat on the run , catching up with news and gossip. Nanny is keeping us on the straight and narrow. Jaarpie about my pace so we fill the middle section until home is in sight and the mob short cut. Back home a beer is the thing Skid donates carton of Fifty lashes good to see him back in top form. I sit on a Hyundai excel bonnet[its warm] that some lass had left there[ busy working I expect]. All too soon its circle time and the GM calls order, the mob is unruly [what’s different] but quickly quieten down. General business centred on the 2500th run, not to be missed  and its all under way. Doc and I get a down down as visitors and if you noticed I haven’t lost my skill in downing a beer [not bad for 80 y o]. No sign of the RA but lots got pounded for various misdemeanours.


The Fuzz came by took a look and continued followed by  the ranger who also decided we were too many to accost. The cops tried to arrest 50 at a run at the Round house in Freo but gave up when Hashers kept re-joining the queue and giving different names. The smell of the food was tantalising and every bit as good as it smelt, top curries Thai in nature I felt well, I had two helpings[I am a lonely bachelor] love those Croatian girls. My wife Dragon[Jan] is in a Croatian aged care home and they top birds. Another beer and all's well with the world this is WA's premier kennel no ifs or buts about it.


Sir Knob has obviously got a grip on what is a good run and brought it to a satisfactory climax. Doc and I intend to come to as many runs as possible, what's a 180 klm round trip.


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