For those with very long memories one fateful run from Tomato lake made the front  page of the West Australian, a maiden run by a young lad whose hash name was Luigi ,after Luigi sava da money from WA Salvage. His father was a Italian butcher and provided the meat for the food afterwards. The run is a distant memory but we all wore handkerchiefs with a knot in each corner shouting On ah On ah. Where does this lead to, well a few years afterwards Luigi is an Accountant in a wheat belt town , doing very well and building a mansion on a farm costing $2 million more than the whole town was worth.{i sold at Auction for $560,000]


How did this happen well he wasn't paying the farmers tax to the ATO but putting into his own bank account. Of course he got caught [where is this going you ask] well the police went out to arrest him whilst in the police are he swallowed two fumigation tablets that they use to treat a whole grain silo to kill pests. he died very quickly, the 2 cops had to exit the car before they went with him, a special vehicle was sent from Perth with drivers in full protection gear. they arrived at RPH emergency where My wife Jan was in Charge, as he was dead and they couldn't put in the morgue located in the basement as he was still fuming!! so it had to be locked in a holding yard with him in it until the fumes dissipated. The cop car and the pick up van had to wrecked. No other hash man has achieved this notoriety. Some have tried !! Oh Tomato Lake memories memories.


One further comment Chunder at one stage thought the talking toilets were Police boxes where they were spying on us what is he taking these days.