2480 Crayfish and Bushie

Hares: Crayfish and Bushranger

Location: Matthews Netball Centre

Another fabulous night of Hashing , spoilt only by the threat of a roving RBT (for those of us who don’t have a driver).  The location had it all, cover close at hand, brand new lighting, freshly  bituminised car park, and almost perfect weather I’m yet to work out what the perfect weather is for Hash, but Mumbles certainly knows a perfect wether when he sees one.

A good crowd was there for the start. Obviously the retirees had returned from their summer hols in the Northern Hemisphere and the other retirees were yet to leave for Autumn in Europe. Then of course there is Mole getting more heat by going to Queensland via the desert roads. Good luck.

As you would expect from old hares (I use the word “old” with the utmost respect for their experience) it was well set and clearly marked with loops and sneaky stuff throughout the run.  You knew you were in for a good run when there was a great false trail in the beginning loop, catching nearly all us short-cutters. Well done. Only 5 minutes into the run and Tripple J went arse over, much to the delight of those nearby. There was careful use of territory which kept the pack pretty well together once we crossed Cambridge St for the first time. Then the loops through the new Subiaco were fun. Back through Jolimont and it was all over bar the down downs.

A bonus point should have been awarded for the cheese biscuits and dill pickles. The circle was un-remarkable except for Tripple J admitting he had fallen three times in the last week. No wonder he had to award the bell to himself. Gumby was remarkably quiet during the circle (must have been in an interesting conversation). It was good to meet some of the visitors (there was only one real visitor from Albany) although we need to attract more running visitors.

The gourmet hamburgers were surprisingly good, but it was interesting that few went up for seconds (must have gorged themselves on the entre) and conversation flowed freely until stumps seemed to be called about 8.30.

A good run that deserved a better score, was the feeling of all in the pack except the one that counts. Looking forward to your next run Crayfish and Bushy.