Q runs through the hills

As the pack gathered outside the jungle body hall in Gooseberry Hill, they acknowledged three facts.

  1. It was farking cold
  2. The ladies walking into the jungle body class were hot
  3. It was Q’s virgin run

Barcode called us in and grilled the hare into revealing where the run went. Meanwhile the co hare filled me in exactly where the run went, in case we got lost. He must have been a profit because we all got lost. More on that later.

The run started in some good ankle breaking territory, running along gravel tracks in the dark while watching out for honkey nuts and potholes before we hit the back streets of Gooseberry hill.

From there we used some good lane ways before we crossed over the old railway track onto Railway rd. From here we took a left and were rewarded with some spectacular city views and an extremely long false trail. Actually one of many extremely long false trails. The hare must have learnt this from horse’s run the week before.

We reached Leonorie Rd where the run hit a sudden stop. No trail to be found. We were lost! Luckily I remembered what the co hare had said. Find a narrow, steep path between 2 houses, covered in big rocks and weeds. “You can’t miss it” he said.

We missed it. The closest we got was Mastitis getting threatened with a hills style execution for trespassing. The trail was picked up again across the valley and up the steepest hill we have run up this year, followed by the second steepest hill we have run up this year.

Some more long false trails and back across the railway line and then back into ankle breaking territory where once again the exhausted pack lost the track. After an hour and twenty of being out, they were also losing their patience!

The pack searched high and low for the trail but alas could not find it and made a collective decision to short cut back in.

The circle was extra-long so that the hares could collect the very fantastic shepherd’s pie that was lovingly put together by Mrs Seagull.

Numerous down downs were had for various offences including new cars, new shoes, unable to read emails, refusing to shut up in the circle, visitors, returnees, violence on the sporting arena and others.

Q was assessed as mentally stable and awarded a solid 7.5 for his first run. Great work Q